Board of Directors

Joyce Casale, Board President, is enjoying her second run on the Civic Theatre Board.  She was first a Board member when Civic Theatre was on Platt Road.   Currently she’s the chairperson of the Fundraising Committee. Joyce is a retired public school teacher and Union advocate. She worked for the Michigan Education Association for 20+ years.   Currently Joyce reads freshman applications for the University of Michigan admissions office and she continues to be an active in the community to promote political issues and candidates.  She’s a season ticket holder for the Detroit Tigers. 

Joyce enjoys working behind the scenes for Ann Arbor Civic Theatre. She has been a producer for many shows and enjoys supporting the creative process. Joyce also enjoys ushering and working in the ticket office or house managing.  She cherishes the many friends she has made over the years through her work at Civic Theatre.

Darrell Pierce, Secretary
 has been on the Board for seven years and served as President for four of those years. He's a native Ann Arborite, whose parents were Civic season ticket holders for as long as he can remember.  After 21 years in Chicago, he was able to return home and it has been his pleasure to re-connect with A2CT and to serve on its Board.  Ann Arbor is a diverse, intellectually engaging community that values the arts.  Its Civic Theatre should be outstanding – and it is!

Laurie Atwood
 first walked into Ann Arbor Civic Theatre 35 years ago, when she auditioned and was cast in the show "Bedroom Farce". Many of the people she met in connection with that show are her best friends today.Every show she has had the opportunity to be in has introduced her to people that she never would have met in her day to day life. She has and continues to love the moment when the cast list goes up and if her name is lucky enough to be on it, her next thought is, Who am I going to have fun with and get to know. she has lived in Ann Arbor for 42 years,and owns Children's Creative Center. She says, "One of my proudest connections is to A2CT. It has provided me with some of my best memories, as well as taught me the importance of working as a team. There are no small parts, and every volunteer whether on or off the stage plays a major role in the success of each production." Now, she's able to serve this organization in a new capacity, as a member of the board. She looks forward to being a part of the vision as well as part of the journey.

David Beaulieu has been involved with A2CT for almost ten years, having appeared onstage in more than a dozen productions. By day (as well as by night, weekend and holiday), David uses his years of theater experience entertaining passengers and traveling to glamorous locales as a flight attendant for Delta Connection. In his fourth year and second term on the Board of Directors, David is pleased to be involved with and support one of the best community theaters in the area.

David Widmayer 
has been involved in over a dozen productions with Ann Arbor Civic Theatre since first becoming a member in 2007. An avid actor since eighth grade, he was also one of the founding members of the University of Michigan's first long-form improv comedy troupe, Witt's End. He was a frequent performer at Ann Arbor's Improv Inferno theater, and was cast in their mainstage incubator troupe. After the Inferno's unfortunate closure, he returned to scripted theatre with A2CT's 2007 production of The Tempest, and they have been stuck with him ever since. Whether he's playing in a band, practicing improv comedy, working on a play, or producing video, he is endlessly fascinated by the process of creating art together with an ensemble. He is delighted to join the Board for his first term, and hopes he can continue to serve Ann Arbor's vital theatre community for many years to come.

Rich Roselle, Vice President, has been on the A2CT Board for over two years now, is currently serving as Vice-President and is a member of the play selection committee. He did his first show with A2CT in 1980 and has performed in nearly 20 productions since. Although there have been many great moments, one of his favorites was playing the entire jury in A2CT’s production of Chicago and having the director, Jim Posante tell him to do whatever he could to upstage Bev Pooley and Laurie Atwood. It was a real treat. Outside of the theater he works as an educational program manager for a large software company called Infor, loves biking, golf, his lovely wife and two wonderful sons. 

Charlie Cook, Treasurer, is a CPA and financial analyst at Columbia Asset Management.  She graduated from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business in 2008 with her Bachelor in Business Administration and in 2009 with her Master in Accounting degree.  She worked as a tax accountant at Ernst & Young in Chicago and New York City before moving back to Ann Arbor and joining the Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Board of Directors.  Although you are not likely to see Charlie on stage, she appreciates the arts and enjoys contributing her time and professional skills to support Civic Theatre behind the scenes.  Besides Charlie's interest in attending A2CT shows and crunching numbers for A2CT, Charlie keeps herself busy with yoga and working out, cooking, baking and spending time with her handsome and sweet fiance, Andy.

Daisy Mull

Steve Rubenstein

Heather Wing
 has been a part of A2CT for over 7 years. She came to the University of Michigan for a graduate degree in Social Work, and decided to stick around Ann Arbor--married with two kids 11 years later. She loves acting on any A2CT stage, and has also enjoyed working backstage, doing hair and wigs in several shows and dipping her toes in assistant directing 2014's Little Shop of Horrors. She appreciates the friendships she has made through A2CT and the opportunities it has given her to express her creative and collaborative side.