Meet the Staff


Suzi Peterson has been Managing Director at A2CT since 2001. She’s originally from California where she was in the music business for many years. Actors are not that different from musicians in the way they work, so here she is in the theatre business. She met her amazing husband here at A2CT; has two (mostly) adult kids--one of whom is an actress in New York--and a lovable dog. She gets teary-eyed when seeing each and every one of the Civic shows, overwhelmed at the talent and proud of the comraderie of the cast and crew.

Theresa Gratsch
Office Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator;

Cassie Mann's involvement with A2CT dates back to 1976, when she was a mere teenager fresh from Pioneer High School.  Cassie acted in Civic shows when home on breaks from Central Michigan University, and then when she moved back to A2 in 1984. Since then, Cassie met and married a fellow A2CT actor, had two kids who also participated in theater, and became the program director in 2001. She directs plays when she can, and loves               everything Civic!

Nan Wirth has been costuming since her (now grown up) kids were little, making them costumes and everyday clothes. She's costumed for A2CT on many, many occasions, as well as for Greenhills School, Community High School and many others. In our opinion, she's one of the most meticulous seamstresses, and accurate costumers we've ever met! She is happy to assist our own production's costumers with finding stock, and to assist costume rentals. Just let her know in advance what you need and arrange a time to meet her.
Costume Supervisor