History and Mission

The Philadelphia Story, A2CT, 1942

The Philadelphia Story, A2CT , 2015

Ann Arbor Civic Theatre was founded in 1929 (a year after the first Academy Awards were presented!) After 4 years of organizing, the theatre presented its first drama, The Late Christopher Bean. The performance venues, offices & personnel have changed, but we are still here. Hundreds of shows later, we continue to provide theatre opportunities for all members of the community, as well as provide quality entertainment for Southeast Michigan and Northeast Ohio.

Ann Arbor Civic Theatre's Mission

Ann Arbor Civic Theatre is a community theatre group. We exist to provide opportunities for the members of the community to participate in theatre. A2CT values and promotes creative excellence and personal artistic growth through:

  • Presentation of quality theatre performances of the community
  • Open invitation for participation in all aspects of theatrical production
  • Development of talent through educational, apprenticeship, and performance opportunities

See our current IRS 990 below.

A2CT Activities

Our theatre is involved in the following activities:

  • Producing its own theatrical productions
  • Children's theatre through our own A2CT Junior Theatre series
  • Performance, technology and educational workshops
  • Space, costume and equipment rental to the community
  • Partnerships with other theatres for space, marketing & production: Spinning Dot Theatre , Pass the Hat Productions
  • Participation in community events


We are active participants in the Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce, American Association of Community Theatres, Community Theatre Association of Michigan, Michigan Association of Community Arts Agencies, and the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.