2018 Chili Cook Off

Thank you so much to everyone who organized, cooked, worked, or attended the 2018 Chili Cook Off!

Board President David Widmayer,

Executive Director Alexandra Berneis, and Congresswoman Debbie Dingell

enjoying the

Ninth Annual A2CT Chili Cook Off

Smitty Atwood with Smitty's Silly Chili Joyce Casale with Who's Your Tiger Chili TJ Johnson with Dinosaur Chili

Steve Raymond with Raymond's Grateful Red Rob Roy with Vegetarian Rhapsody Christine and Gregg Blossom with Tigers-Blue Jays Chili Fest and Jacqueline Courteau with Alphabet Chili

Mike Gratch with Chili Global Explsion Keith Hafner with Open Range Chili Mike Sielaff and Greg Masson with Veni-Coa II

THANK YOU TO OUR JUDGES: Eric Caroen from Last Word, Chris Pawlicki from Old Town Tavern/Raven's Club, and Annette Weathers from Bona Sera!

... And the Winners Are:

FIRST PLACE: Keith Hafner | Open Range Chili

RUNNER UP: Mike Gratsch | Chili Global Explosion

MOST CREATIVE: Jacqueline Courteau | Alphabet Chili

PEOPLE'S CHOICE: Mike Gratsch | Chili Global Explosion

And our 2018-2019 Main Stage Season!