Technical Theatre Troupe

The troupe will learn all aspects of tech theatre; costumes, makeup, lighting, sound, set building, design, and props. We will also explore different practices and crafts involved in tech theatre.

Learning Real Life Skills

Tech Troupe has many opportunities to work on, and master a variety of skills. The Troupe will be in blacks, trained in tech theater, backstage operations and safety.

A2CT believes that Field trips and hands on opportunities out in the pro theater world will allow members to improve their skills and also learn and explore how professionals handle things in the real work world.

While enrolled as member, students will be working on some of A2CT's main stage shows, all A2CT Jr. theater shows, as well as along side other theaters in South Eastern Michigan-- there are plenty of new things to learn.

Our troupe will meets on regular basis, to keep up on skills, build community, and support one another.

Can I still participate in my school's theatre program, if I join A2CT Tech. Troupe?

YES! The Troupe is encouraged to support one another as colleagues participate in different shows. For example if someone gets a position in their school show as a spot operator, tech. members have been know to spend extra time teaching each other how to use the spot.

Students will always be supervised by trained adults.

We will be led by Brice O’Neal, a technical director and experienced theatre educator. Several other adults will be involved as to insure safe supervision and sharing of skills with our troupe. Brice brings over 30 years experience working with youth at camps and in youth ministry.

Student Leadership: Senior high school students will provide youth leadership. This both gives leadership experience and ensures youth have a voice in the troupe!