Junior Theatre Auditions

Wizard of Oz


December 2019


directed by Jennifer Carson

PERFORMANCE DATES: November 8-10, 2019


Thank you to everyone who auditioned. We were thrilled you shared your talent with us. Following is the cast list for To Find A Wonder. Please email castshow@a2ct.org to accept your role as soon as possible. Our first read through is Thursday, August 29 at 4:30 in the A2CT studio, with a mandatory parent meeting from 6-6:30.

Mortimer - Tessa Hanrath

Lady - Lily Stewart

Wartengill/Ensemble - Ian Weintraub

Frog Prince Alastair - Ainsley Maddock

Ivan McGoon - Emily Haselschwerdt

Percival - Max Ascani

Sir Emberly/Gossamer - Annie Ziegler

Luna/Ensemble - Lilly Pinsky

Starla/Sam/Ensemble - Halle Woodard

Will/Ensemble - Jacob Wing

Tom/Ensemble - Gabriel Semrau

Nick/Ensemble - Taylor LaDean

Jess/Henry/Ensemble - Mimi Barnes

Eric/Callum/Ensemble - Anneliese Johnson

Lenox/Ensemble - Charlie Ziegler

Rhianna/Ensemble - Evie Whitcomb

Gervis/Fergus/Ensemble - Kat Nachtrab

Dustin/Ensemble - Lily Whitcomb

Phoenix - Caroline Hutchinson

Squire/Townsperson - Jonah Hutchinson

Squire/Townsperson - Annika Maddock

Squire/Townsperson - Stefano Marino

Squire/Townsperson - Annie Pinsky

Faerie ensemble:

Mimi Barnes, Annaliese Johnson, Taylor LaDean, Evie Whitcomb, Lily Whitcomb

A2CT Jr. Theatre program is a great introduction to live theatre for children ages 4 and up. Young actors audition, rehearse, and perform together. Each performance is a fun time for families and audiences of all ages.