To Find A Wonder

Jr. Theatre

Book by Jennifer Carson

Music by Dave Holtz

Lyrics by Brandon Michael Lowden

Directed by Jennifer Carson

November 8, 9, 10, 2019

Scarlet Middle School

When Mortimer demands to prove his knight-worthiness he is charged with an impossible task -- to find a wonder. With the help of his faithful mare, a scatterbrained wizard, a frog prince, and a very special vegetable, Mortimer creates his own wonder-- the first dragon to ever breath fire! How much could one fire-breathing creature cause anyway? Come find out in this humorous and heart warming family show!


Mortimer - Tessa Hanrath

Lady - Lily Stewart

Wartengill/Ensemble - Ian Weintraub

Frog Prince Alastair - Ainsley Maddock

Ivan McGoon - Emily Haselschwerdt

Percival - Jacob Wing

Sir Emberly/Gossamer - Annie Ziegler

Luna/Ensemble - Lilly Pinsky

Starla/Sam/Ensemble - Halle Woodard

Tom/Ensemble - Gabriel Semrau

Nick/Ensemble - Taylor LaDean

Jess/Henry/Ensemble - Mimi Barnes

Eric/Callum/Ensemble - Anneliese Johnson

Lenox/Ensemble - Charlie Ziegler

Rhianna/Ensemble - Evie Whitcomb

Gervis/Fergus/Ensemble - Kat Nachtrab

Dustin/Ensemble - Lily Whitcomb

Phoenix - Caroline Hutchinson

Squire/Townsperson - Jonah Hutchinson

Squire/Townsperson - Annika Maddock

Squire/Townsperson - Stefano Marino

Squire/Townsperson - Annie Pinsky

Faerie ensemble:

Mimi Barnes, Annaliese Johnson, Taylor LaDean, Evie Whitcomb, Lily Whitcomb


Director: Jennifer Carson

Music Director: Kristin Danko

Production Manager: Susan Gechter

A2CT Jr. Theatre program is a great introduction to live theatre for children ages 4 and up. Young actors audition, rehearse, and perform together. Each performance is a fun time for families and audiences of all ages.