Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver's Travels

November 14-17, 2013

WCC's College Theatre

Thursday, Friday and Saturday 7:30pm; Saturday & Sunday 1:00pm

adapted by Don Fleming from the book by Jonathan Swift

directed by John Hill

This charming adaptation of the classic tale spins Gulliver through the lands of Lilliput and beyond. As timely today as it was when written, Gulliver’s Travels charts the human spirit through all its peaks and valleys as Gulliver searches for truth, compassion, and a way of life he can believe in.


Director - John Hill

Producer - Sophie Giviyan

Assistant Director - Elijah Cox

Cast List

Maximilian Ascani: Samuel, Sailor, Dwarf, Struddlebrug 4, Yahoo, Ensemble

Alex Cantu: Tavern and Yahoo/Houhynhm Gulliver, Lilliput Emperor, Lagudan 3, Ensemble

Amalia Chappel-Lakin: Sloothinard, Blufescan Sailor, Lagudan 2, Ensemble

Emma Chen: Blufescan Captain, Noble One, Cook 1, Ensemble

Savanna Cowley: Hurgo, Laputa King, Yahoo, Ensemble

Malcolm Elliot: Dranic, Flimnap, Cook 2, Laputan Noble, Ensemble

Evan Eschenburg: Captain Swift, Skyresh, Laputan Noble, Ensemble

Drew Flattery: Fodan, Sailor, Wasp, Adviser, Yahoo, Ensemble

Amelia Hatcher-Kay: Blufescan Lookout, Glumdalclitch, Laputan Noble, Defense Horse, Ensemble

Jeremy Klooster: Rathsen, Lilliputan 3, Yahoo, Ensemble

Ryan Klooster: Gridley, Slamsa, Giant King, Lagudan 1, Prosecutor Horse, Ensemble

Maggie Lareau: Mary, Lilliput Empress, Laguda/Laputa Gulliver, Ensemble

Henry Lee: Wasp, Yahoo, Ensemble

Marion Lee: Lilliputan 4, Struddlebrug 2, Ensemble

Renee Lee: Walk on(s) TBA, Ensemble

Megan Lyons: Sailor, Struddlebrug 3, Yahoo, Ensemble

Diamond McCaa: Eneveyan, Sailor, Ensemble

Alaina Peller-Kosbar: Sebastian, Lilliputan Captain, Giant Scientist, Lagudan 4, Ensemble

Kaeli Sikkenga: Feyerina, Herald/Blancam, Brodbingnag Gulliver, Struddlebrug 1, Yahoo, Ensemble

Megan Syer: Lilliput Gulliver, Farmer, Laputan Noble, Judge Horse, Ensemble

Tabitha Walkowiak: Lilliputan 2, Minister, Yahoo, Ensemble