Jr. Theatre's Snow Queen

adapted by Stacey Lanefrom the story by Hans Christian Andersen

directed by Katherine Altman

produced by Laura Puchalski

assistant director - Cierra Wollack

December 5-7, 2014

Friday at 7:30pm, Saturday at 1pm & 7:30pm, Sunday at 1pm & 3pm

Children's Creative Center Theater

1600 Pauline Blvd., Ann Arbor

Tickets available by phone (734) 971-2228

or at the door

In the spirit of the season, patrons may bring a donation of non-perishable food to the performance for collection by Food Gatherers!

If you liked the movie Frozen, you’ll love this charming original adaptation of

the same story by Hans Christian Anderson. Young heroine Gerda sets out to

find her best friend Kai after the magic mirror of an evil Snow Queen brings out

the worst in Kai and he flees to the Snow Queen’s palace. Along the way, Gerda

encounters good, evil, and a host of really funny talking animals.



Goosebump: Madeleine Johal-Smith

Shiver: Ana Baldwin

Whirlwind: Makayla Klein

Bluster: Isabella Morales

Slush: Allison Haak

Snow Queen: Maggie Lareau

Frostbite: Drew Flattery

Birthday Kid/Outlaw: Hannah McComas

Kay: Samuel Klein

Gerda: Sonja Benjamins-Carey, Laila Krugman, Mya DerStepanian

Flora: Julia Baldwin


Pansy: Elena Schroeder

Forget-Me-Not: Ellie Baden

Daisy: Amalia Chappell-Lakin

Tiger Lily: Fionna Noori

Rose: Hannah McComas

Petunia: Emma Li

Daffodil: Hannah Cohen

Tulip/Puppy: Mia Parra

Arctic Fox: Savanna Cowley

Crow: Louie Benard

Princess Dawndrell: Amalia Chappell-Lakin

Caleb/Outlaw: Zach Baden

Mumbles McCoy: Evan Eschenburg

Hagiba: Isabel Perry

Broody Brody/Mother: Nataleigh Gardner

Freckle: Gillian Perry

Reindeer: Olivia O'Neill

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