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By Samuel Spewack and Bella Spewack

Directed by Barbara Mackey King

October 24-27, 2019

Arthur Miller Theater

Nothing says Christmas quite like convicts and temperatures over 100 degrees. A unusual play full of miracles, with convicts-turned-angels coming to the rescue of a shopkeeper in French Guiana, this warm hearted comedy is engagingly preposterous, delightlingly funny, and filled with humanity.


Felix - Paul Bianchi

Emilie - Ellen Finch

Marie-Louise - Chelsea Kearns

Alfred - Dillon Roseen

Mme Parole - Molly Wallace

Joseph - Theo Polley

Jules - Jim Sullivan

Henri - TJ Johnson

Paul - TBA

Lieutenant - TBA


Director: Barbara Mackey King

Assistant Director: Roger King

Production Manager: Daisy Mull

Stage Manager:

Scenic Design:

Set Builder:

Lighting Design: TJ Johnson

Sound Design: Ed Rutkowski

Costume Design:

Properties Design: