Now. Here. This.


Music & Lyrics by JEFF BOWEN

Directed by AARON C. WADE

Where better to explore all the questions of life, big and small, than a natural history museum? From the same team that created [title of show], Now. Here. This. is a funny and touching specimen. Four friends go on a musical journey through time, space, and relationships as they take in the exhibits. They explore and evolve, tackling issues of friendship, hoarding, hiding, living, dying, and middle school. And dinosaurs.

March 29-31 & April 5-7 | A2CT Studio

Friday & Saturday at 8:00 | Sunday at 2:00


Woman 1 "Susan" - Zoe Van Slooten

Woman 2 "Heidi" - Emily Courcy

Man 1 "Jeff" - Zachary James Morgan

Man 2 "Hunter" - Joshua R. Smith


Director - Aaron C. Wade

Production Manager - Emily Slomovits

Music Director - Geridan St. Peter

Choreographer - Melanie Lowrie

Scenic Designer - Aaron C. Wade

Lighting Designer - Brice O'Neal

Graphic Designer - Catherine Coveyou

Specialty Painter - Allison Nicolle Burell

Production Photographer - Lisa Gavan