sweeney todd


June 7-10, 2012

lydia mendelssohn theatre

8pm thurs-sat

2pm sun

music and lyrics by

Stephen Sondheim

book by

Hugh Wheeler

from the adaptation by

Christopher Bond

directed by

Rachel Francisco

Music directed by:

Jennifer Goltz

Producer: Suzi Peterson

Asst. Dirs: Charlotte Morrill & Langston Hemenway

Stage Manager: Charlotte Morrill

Set Design & Lead Builder: Cathy Cassar

Set Painting/Dressing: Pat Ballnik & Aaron Parkus

Costume Design: Nan Wirth

Lighting Design: Nick Spencer

Sound Design: Bob Skon & Dave Winkler

Makeup Design: Sarah Erlewine

Hair Design: Stephanie Buczek

Props: Cassie Mann


Anthony Matt Peckham

Sweeney Todd Richard Knapp

Beggar Woman Amy Bogetto-Weinraub

Mrs. Lovett Trisha Fountain

Judge Turpin Christopher Potter

The Beadle Robby Griswold

Johanna Camila Ballario

Tobias Paul Clark

Pirelli Ellington Berg & Chris Shewchenko

Jonas Fogg David Beaulieu


Linda Lee Austin Sarah Erlewine

Pat Ballnik Alen Fyfe

Kevin Binkley Peter Kentes

Jennifer Buehrer David Melcher

Amanda Burch Jeff Miller

Nicholas Boggs Paul Reece

Stephen Byars Rachael Rose

Christina D’Amato


In one of Sondheim’s most haunting musical thrillers, Sweeney Todd brings the gritty underworld of 19th Century London to gruesomely delightful life. Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street, comes home after being exiled by an evil judge who banished him and ravaged Sweeney’s wife.

With the help of the diabolical baker below, Mrs. Lovett, Sweeney seeks revenge on the judge and the unwitting inhabitants of London develop an unquenchable taste for “meat” pies.

Produced by special arrangement with MTI,

Music Theatre International, New York NY