Sonnets Onstage, part of our Studio Series

Sonnets Onstage

October 25-27, 2013

A2CT Studio Theater

Fri-Sat 8pm

Sat & Sun 2pm

Sonnets Onstage is a collaboration between the director and 6 actors who have developed this original play based on Shakespeare's sonnets. Using improvisation and strong dramaturgy, the team has created a series of contemporary and Elizabethan vignettes that captures the same kind of drama, passion, and conflict found in Shakespeare’s plays. “It has been great to write a script in this laboratory setting with these talented actors. We’ve discovered that Shakespeare’s timelessness, exuberance, and drama are as present in his sonnets as his plays,”

says director Glenn Bugala.

Director - Glenn Bugala

Producer - Pat Everett

Assistant Director - Lori O'Dell

Stage Manager - Tom Stack

Costumes - Meg McNamee


Patrice Carter

Lisa Coveney

Sanders Hamson

Jean Leverich

Alex Meza

Mo El Zaatari