The Girl with the Golden Locks


Directed by BRIANA O'NEAL

"In the fairytale realm, there is only one agency that can defend the kingdom from those who wish to curse and destroy it." The FBI: the Fairytale Bureau of Investigation. Enter the world of fairytale espionage and intrigue with top Agent Gold, her partner, Rose Red, and rookie agent Snow White as they take on public enemy number one: the Three Bears. Full of dwarves, witches, porridge, magic beans, and double agents, this very funny fairytale adventure is a new take on some favorite stories.

December 7-9

Friday at 7:30 | Saturday and Sunday at 1:00 & 3:30


The Agents

Agent Gold - Lily Stewart

Agent Red - Lily Whitcomb

Agent Wolf - Max Ascani

Agent White - Evie Whitcomb

Chief Granny - Elsa Weber

Little Pig - Ella Smith

M - Halle Woodard

The Three Bears

Big Papa - Jeremy Klooster

Momsy - Tessa Hanrath

Brutus "Baby" Bear - Ian Weintraub

High Order of Witches

Petunia - Devon Dean

Leeks - Lottie Hadley

Maizey - Soleil Ascani

Marigold - Alyssa Klooster

Hazel - Sara Hirabayashi

The Sneaky Seven Dwarves

Bones - Rosie Meisler

Roots - Alicia Dyer

Left-Eye - Annaclaire Regan

Bonkers - Lindsay Hamilton

Sarge - Theresa Su

Sly - Mary-Cate Baker

Lucky - Calla Lotstutter


Jack - Brennan Monty

Jack's Mother - Annaliese Johnson

Cow - Tess Rosa-Davies

Puss in Boots - Jaden Burman

Billy Goat - Jacob Wing

Gumble - Mira Carlson

Bumble - Ainsley Maddock


Director - Briana O'Neal

Production Manager - Kristen Miller