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Auditions at A2CT are open. Anyone from Ann Arbor or the surrounding area may audition for shows. No pre-casting is allowed, and no one may
become a part of a show at A2CT without auditioning.

All auditions  are held at the Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Studio at 322 West Ann St. Click on this: Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Studio for directions. Times and dates are specified in each show's audition information. Make sure to scroll down to get to the audition information for the Studio Series. Junior Theatre audition information is now found by selecting the Junior Theatre tab on our home page.

Auditions-at-a-glance: The Addams Family--July 12 and 13; Julius Caesar--August 9 & 10; Company--October 17-19; Christmas Caroled--October 28 & 29

Upcoming Main Stage Auditions.



Ann Arbor Civic Theatre announces auditions for Neil Simon’s classic romantic-comedy, Barefoot in the Park, directed by Wendy Wright.  Roles are available for 2-3 women and 3-4 men.  Auditions take place Sunday, February 21st at 7:00 p.m. and Monday, February 22nd at 7:00 p.m. in the A2CT Studio (322 W. Ann St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104). Those auditioning need only attend one session.  Callbacks will be Wednesday, February 24th at 7:00 p.m. The production runs April 21-24, 2016 at the Arthur Miller Theatre in Ann Arbor. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Due to the small cast and intimate nature of the piece, chemistry and conflicts will play a significant part in the casting decisions.

Cast of Characters

CORIE BRATTER - (20-30) A carefree young newlywed, busily trying to set up and decorate the new home she shares with her husband, Paul. She is young, pretty and full of enthusiasm for the future. Impulsive and fun-loving, she considers herself a doer, not a watcher. She is a free spirit open to new experiences.

PAUL BRATTER – (25-35) Corie’s husband, a young lawyer with a dry wit who likes to stay in his comfort zone. He is levelheaded and practical and likes to keep his emotions in checked. He is proper and a little buttoned up.

ETHEL BANKS – (40-60) Corie’s cautious and loveable mother who lives alone in New Jersey. She has developed a narrow vision of herself and her life and is more concerned with a sensitive stomach and bad back than with keeping up with fashion and romance.  She loves her daughter very much and is willing to endure anything for her, even a strange escapade around New York City.

MR. VICTOR VELASCO – (45-65) The Bratters’ eccentric, bohemian neighbor who lives in the attic of the brownstone, just above their apartment. Worldly and flirtatious, by the end of the play this penniless rogue may be starting to slow down.

TELEPHONE MAN – (30-70) A good-humored man who makes observations on everyday life and relationships as he installs and fixes telephones.

DELIVERY PERSON – (Any age – non-speaking role)  Someone who brings wedding gifts sent to the Bratters—and is exhausted by all the flights of stairs leading up to the apartment. This is a non-speaking role.




Directed by Ron Baumanis, music direction by Jim Territo, and choreographed by Patricia Mazzola.

Ann Arbor Civic Theatre is pleased to announce that The Wedding Singer will be presented at the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre from June 2 - June 5, 2016. Auditions are Sunday and Monday March 27th and 28th at 7:00 pm, with callbacks on Tuesday the 29th at 7:00 pm. Rehearsals will start mid-April, although there will be an all-cast meeting shortly after casting.  Rehearsals will be held Sunday through Thursday evenings, although not all cast will be called for every rehearsal. Please bring your conflicts with you at your audition. Nobody that wishes to be cast can miss any rehearsals beginning May 22nd. No conflicts will be honored during the final rehearsal week in studio, nor during tech week at the Lydia. 

The Broadway Cast album is available on iTunes and Google Play, and for purchase at and other CD-sales resources.

Please contact the office if you would like to peruse a copy of the script prior to auditions. 

Prepare one 16-32 bar upbeat pop song (think 80’s pop rock). Songs from the show are acceptable, but you may select any appropriate song to sing, it need not be from a Broadway musical. Please bring sheet music for your song for our piano accompanist. No a-capella auditions please.

Please dress comfortably to move. There will be cold readings from the script, and there will be a dance audition. While not everyone in the show must dance, everyone must be able to move in full cast ensemble numbers. The cast does include featured dancer roles, both male and female.

The Wedding Singer has multiple roles, as well as a very strong Ensemble who play wedding guests, dancers; and later celebrity impersonators (Ronald Reagan; Imelda Marcos; Tina Turner; Iggy Pop; Cindy Lauper). There are no children’s roles in this production, but anybody who appears to be at least 16 years old on stage (or older) are welcome to audition.

CHARACTERS: (Ages indicate how old the characters should appear on stage)

Robbie Hart - the lead singer of a band. Bit of a dreamer. In love with love. A truly "nice" guy, Comic singer/actor 25-35 yrs old: B3 - C6

Julia Sullivan - Waitress. Girl next door. Engaged to Glen but falls in love with Robbie. 25-35 yrs old: G3 - F5

Holly - Julia's cousin. Sexually promiscuous but wants to be loved. 25-35 yrs old: A3 - E5

Sammy - the bass player in the wedding band. A guy's guy. Pretends to love being a bachelor but is actually in love with Holly - 25-35 yrs old:  D4 - G5

George - the wedding band's keyboardist. A sensitive bachelor. The foil to George's guy's guy attitude. Flamboyant. Think Boy George — 25-35 yrs old:  C4 - A5

Linda - Robbie's fiancé who leaves him at the altar 25-35 yrs old:  A3 - D5

Glen Guglia - Julia's fiance. Wall Street broker. Rich. Womanizer. 25-35 yrs old: D4 - B5

Rosie - Robbie's grandmother. Motherly. Tries to remain "hip" despite her age 50-80 yrs old:  C4 - C5

Angie - Julia's mother who cannot wait for her daughter to marry a rich man 50-60 yrs old:  B3 - C5

Ensemble of singers/dancers/celebrity impersonators — play wedding guests (some with lines); populate restaurants, shopping malls, a disco; Las Vegas; play wall street brokers in one dance song; serve as backup singers in several numbers. Various ages, 16 and older.

Upcoming Studio and Event Auditions


Upcoming Junior Theatre Audition information is now available by selecting the Junior Theatre tab on our home page

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