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Auditions at A2CT are open, and there is no fee to audition. Anyone from Ann Arbor or the surrounding area may audition for shows. No pre-casting is allowed, and no one may
become a part of a show at A2CT without auditioning.

All auditions  are held at the Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Studio at 322 West Ann St. unless otherwise noted. Click on this: Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Studio for directions. Times and dates are specified in each show's audition information. Make sure to scroll down to get to the audition information for the Studio Series. Junior Theatre audition information is now found by selecting the Junior Theatre tab on our home page.

Upcoming Main Stage Auditions.


(Our 2017-2018 Season Opener!)

directed by Denyse Clayton | musical direction by Joseph Daniel | choreography by Rachel Francisco

AUDITIONS: June 26 & 27
REHEARSALS: begin July 5, Sundays 6-9 PM, Mondays-Thursdays 7-10 PM
PERFORMANCES: September 7-10

SEUSSICAL is based on the works of Dr. Seuss.  It is a story which weaves together his most famous tales and characters in unexpected ways.  It incorporates elements from at least 15 of his books, as well as many of his best-loved and most familiar characters.  Many of these characters never met one another before but all come together in SEUSSICAL, THE MUSICAL!

AUDITIONS are open to those 16 and older, and will take place at Ann Arbor Civic Theatre on Monday, June 26 and Tuesday, June 27 with callbacks scheduled for Wednesday, June 28.

REHEARSALS will be Sundays 6-9 and Monday-Thursday 7-10 and will begin Wednesday, July 5.  *Please note that there will be no conflicts accepted August 20 and beyond.  Also note that ‘load in’ takes place Sunday, September 3 (Labor Day Weekend).

PERFORMANCES are Thursday, September 7 - Sunday, September 10, 2017 at the Lydia Mendelssohn theatre on the campus of the University of Michigan

Auditioners should plan to attend one of the general audition sessions (Monday, June 26 or Tuesday, June 27), and be available for callbacks on June 29. Auditions will begin promptly at 7:00 PM, so please plan to arrive a few minutes early to fill out audition information, most importantly a conflict calendar. Make sure you are prepared to note all your conflicts during the rehearsal period.

Those auditioning should prepare 32 bars of a song that best demonstrates your range - please do NOT audition with songs from the show. Auditioners must provide sheet music, with cuts and necessary key clearly marked, for the accompanist. Characters and vocal ranges are listed below.

Please come dressed to move, as there will also be a low-key dance audition.

Please plan to stay for the duration of the general audition session.


The Cat In The Hat – Our story’s omniscient narrator, fun loving and enjoys rhyming.  Pops in throughout the story to stir things up and play several comic cameos.  Vocal range top: F4, bottom: F2

Jojo – The Mayor’s son who is a Who.  Bright, creative, and inadvertently mischievous.  A ‘thinker’ with a wild imagination. Vocal range top: C5, bottom: Ab3

Horton The Elephant – The story’s main character, he is a compassionate and gentle elephant.  He is protective and loving of all creatures in the jungle.  Vocal range top: F4, bottom: A2

Gertrude McFuzz – Horton’s one-feathered-tail neighbor.  Gertrude is sweet and timid.  Though kind and loyal, she is also self-conscious and quite fond of Horton.  Vocal range top: F5, bottom: F3

Mayzie Labird – The most beautiful bird in the jungle.  Oblivious to her self- centered ways, she relies on her talent of manipulation and intoxicating beauty to navigate her way through life.  Vocal range top: Eb5, bottom: G3

The Sour Kangaroo – The ‘leader’ of the jungle. She is loud and brassy.  A caring mother but unabashedly sassy and soulful.  Vocal range top: F5, bottom: F#3

Other characters include:

The Bird Girls

The Mayor of Whoville

The Mayor’s Wife

General Gengus Khan Schmitz

The Wickersham Brothers

Yurtle the Turtle

The Grinch

Thing 1

Thing 2


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Upcoming Junior Theatre Audition information is now available by selecting the Junior Theatre tab on our home page

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